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Introducing SuperMom Awards 2018

Here are the most voted for products and services across the various categories for the Inaugural SuperMom Awards!


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Breastfeeding: How Your Breasts Make and Deliver Milk

The lactation system inside your breasts resemble a tree. The milk glands (the leaves) are grape-like clusters of cells high up in the breast that make milk. Milk travels from these glands down through the milk ducts (the branches)...


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SuperMom Winner: Bonbijou Takara Cot

A Diamond Winner for the Best Cot category, Bonbijou Takara Cot is a 6-in-1 cot that is suitable from birth and up to a maximum weight of 60kgs. It also conforms to EN716 safety standard & is made of high quality New Zealand Pine Wood!


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SuperMom Baby Fair 2-4 Mar 2018 Video