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Seminar: Pregnancy Health & Happiness!

Date: 24 November 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm - 5.00pm (Registration Starts At 12pm)
Venue: 11 Slim Barracks Rise S138664
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista/One-North

There are TOO MANY decisions to make when you are pregnant - what to eat, how much sleep you should have, C-section vs natural birth, & MANY MORE!

Then comes the questions of what you need to do as a new parent - postnatal care, breastfeeding, and how you should take care of your baby!

Our panel of EXPERTS from prestigious hospitals such as KKH, NUH, & Thomson Medical Centre is here to help!! Let us equip you with everything you need to know for you to be absolutely prepared!





***Please note that goodie bags will only be presented to those who attend & complete the seminar. Strictly 1 per expectant mom only and no redemption of goodie bags is allowed after 24 November 2018.




  • Best breastfeeding positions to make more milk. Overcoming breastfeeding challenges including low milk production, breast refusal & more


  • Get the BEST KEPT SECRETS on how to calm your baby in 5 seconds!



  • C-Section is not for everyone. Here are the TOP Must-Knows on C-Section



  • This can happen to anyone - You'll be able to keep calm when you are informed of all causes, symptoms & solutions to possible pregnancy complications.


  • Learn from EXPERTS on bonding tips with your newborn, how you can regain your strength & maintain your health as you adjust to life with your new baby.



  • Sleep Deprivation is one of the WORST things of becoming a new parent. Learn how to OVERCOME this & never have a sleepless night again!



  • Learn about the Lifesaving Benefits of Storing your Baby's Umbilical Cord and Cord Blood.


  • What is the PERFECT pregnancy diet for you & your little one? Come on down to the seminar & learn from Doctors & Nurses from renowned institutions!



  • Raising a child in Singapore is no easy feat, are you financially prepared?



  • Learn about the EFFECTS of Exercise on your Pregnancy & Delivery! What are the Exercises you MUST AVOID?


  • Get a FULL PACK Diaper simply by answering a simple question during Drypers Q&A!







Date: 24 November 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm - 5.00pm (Registration Starts At 12pm)
Venue: 11 Slim Barracks Rise, S138664 (Walking Distance from Buona Vista/One-North MRT)



TICKET PRICES, REGISTRATIONS CLOSED, On-site purchase still available. Please bring exact amount

Promo Rate
  • Single Ticket: $8 (UP $20)
  • Couple Ticket: $10 (UP $22)


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