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Supermom is Singapore’s largest parenting movement for parents to be and parents with newborns! We are a community for new mothers, built by a group of mothers who recognise the challenges of caring for newborns from personal experiences and organise events and seminars that champion happy pregnancies and healthier, smarter babies!
We hold pregnancy and parenting seminars throughout the year that aims to support parents through their pregnant-hood and parenthood journey. Throughout the past years, we have invited renowned speakers from hospitals across Singapore to educate parents so that they make informed decisions everyday. 
Check out our upcoming seminars and events HERE 
As mummies ourselves, we are passionate about the products available out there and strive to be your go-to source for the latest products and ideas that make your parenting journey a more enjoyable (and stress-free) one. 
If you ever feel alone out there, don’t! We have specially created social communities where parents are free to share, laugh, learn and connect with the rest of Singapores parenting community. If you are an expectant parent or parents with newborns, please feel free to join our communities! 


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SuperMom Baby Fairs - Biggest Grandest In Asia

Supermom holds  SuperMom Baby Fair  – The Grandest Baby Fair in Singapore, that just gets bigger and grander every year! At our Baby Fairs you can expect the widest variety of premium brands at the best bargains! We also scour the whole of Singapore as well as overseas markets to bring you the newest and most exclusive products in the market! You can look forward to a fun weekend experience for the entire family that is packed with lots and lots of giveaways, contests, workshops and entertainment! We are also the most thoughtful baby fairs around, thinking about what provides the most convenience to you for a hassle-free and pleasant shopping experience! 

Article Contributors

Hilary Fong

Hilary is an English Lit graduate who hopes to become a writer someday. Not a mother, perhaps yet, she has 6 lovely nieces and nephew, and is definitely still a child at heart.

Cherie Chia

Cherie is a primary school teacher and a mother to two lively preschool boys. Even though she often wishes for more time alone, she would never miss a bedtime story with her boys for the world. With the little gaps of space in her hands, Cherie enjoys spending time with friends and relaxes through writing. Her favourite topic to write on is her children, which she guesses she will never run out of material for.

Shubhada Bhide

Shubhada Bhide is a mom to 2 wonderful kids, wife to her very supportive hubby, an IT professional and a multitasker. This multi-tasking ability made her start her own social media adventures - RainbowDiaries – a parenting, lifestyle and food blog site.

Mylene Wee

When Mylene was first pregnant with her son, the notion of being a full-time mum was totally foreign to her. Coming from the fact that she had been a Relationship Manager in the Banking industry for the past 10 years. Leaving her career and embarking on this ‘new career’ has been the best thing that has ever happened to her! Being able to see her little one grow up and change day by day, is a gift from God and Mylene & her husband will treasure forever!

Andrene Chan

Andrene is a mom to 2 active girls aged 6 and 5 respectively. Besides seeing to her family daily needs she works as a marketing manager while managing her own line of children wear BabyPixie. A lover of arts and craft Andrene tries to encourage her daughters creativity through poster color painting and simple crafts which they learn together from Youtube.

Team SuperMom