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Supermom is a community for new mothers, built by a group of mothers who recognise the challenges of caring for newborns from personal experiences.

We receive wide recognition and strong support from various government organisations, hospitals, bloggers and local media and organise year-round events that champion happy pregnancies and healthier babies.




We are the largest movement in Singapore for expectant parents and parents with newborns, with a fast-growing social media audience of 132,000 fans and a weekly reach of 500,000 viewers on our Facebook pages.

Our digital portals engage with a whopping number of over 100,000 parent subscribers with an annual flagshipevent, SuperMom Baby Fair, attracting more than 220 companies and 100,000 parents. And all these numbers are growing steadily as you read this!




Showcase your complete profile at a glance



Let our experienced editorial team tell your story and drive demand for your brand


Social Media

Engage a huge audience and receive optimal exposure



Position your products among our extensive database







Our various marketing efforts make us the optimal platform for you to leverage on as you look to showcase your brand and generate market awareness.


Social media is a crucial part of any business strategy in this digital age. Make the most out of your opportunities with us.


  • Get up close and reach out to your target market by capitalizing on our huge social media reach
  • A fast-growing social media audience of 132,000 fans and a weekly reach of 500,000 viewers on our Facebook Page, with PMETs forming more than 30% of our target audience
  • An active and close-knitted parenting community of close to 20,000 on Facebook Closed Groups


Position your brand as thought leaders through our education seminars. Opinion leaders and influencers that have held seminars with us include:


  • Ms Kang Phaik Gaik, Senior Lactation Consultant at Mount Alvernia Hospital
  • Mrs Wong Boh Boi, Parentcraft Educator at Thomson Medical Centre
  • Dr Ng Ying Woo, Consultant at National University Hospital
  • Dr Ang Poon Liat, Paediatrician, Thomson Paediatric Centre.


We curate events for our corporate partners targeting parents with newborns and children all year round.


  • 2013 -We partnered with Abbott and Playdoh to create Learning Through Senses –Singapore’s inaugural Playdoh challenge! More than 450 parents and children joined us at Raffles City Convention Centre.
  • 2013 -We had the most number of families eating breakfast together -Scotts
  • 2014 -Most Number of People Eating Sandwiches Together with Presenting Sponsor -Nutella
  • 2015 -We worked with Tollyjoy and broke the record for Most Number of Expectant Mothers Working Out Together
  • 2016 - Largest Number of Babies Being Fed Soft Foods Together - Philips Avent


Bringing together the industry's leading brands all under one roof, we created an exciting shopping experience for new parents and parents with newborns packed with pregnancy seminars, stage activities and performances.


  • Our baby fair drew 100,000 visitors
  • Highest spender at 2016's Baby Fair spent a grand total of over $33,000 in one day!
  • 99% Customers said they would return to SuperMom Baby Fair 2017
  • 95% of visitors came with the intention to purchase products and services.
  • 90% Parents recommends SuperMom Baby Fair as a MUST-GO Baby Fair


Maximise your marketing efforts by partnering with us! Besides curating events for our corporate partners targeting children all year round, we believe in providing customised solutions for you.


Your brand is UNIQUE and so should your Action Plan be. Let us know your priorities and targets and we can work out the most effective way for you to boost your market awareness and build lasting relationships with your customers.


Let SuperMom Do Everything For You While You Focus On What You Love Most!




We create dynamic ways and opportunities to engage, activate and connect with parents



Brand Awareness

Tell your brand story on THE authoritative platform


Generate Leads

Leverage on our broad range of opportunities


One-to-One Interaction

Reach out to over 100,000 expectant parents and parents with newborns via our pregnancy seminars, baby showers, events and annual flagship baby fair

OVER 200 COMPANIES HAVE BENEFITTED, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Here are some of our satisfied customers





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