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Mummies Advocates
What we are looking for:
1. An interest to help and support new mummies to overcome motherhood and family challenges.
2. Passionate about sharing pregnancy, babies and kids related deals on social media.
3. Fluent in social media and messaging platforms.

Apply now to become an Advocate HERE.

Community Manager
Job Scope:
- Develop and take charge of the community under his/her care.
- Define and develop the company’s community management strategy
- Engage and manage multiple communities on social media and messaging apps
- Cultivate and grow participation in communities and increase engagement, across all our social presence.
- Source, monitor and manage our communities and their involvement our relevant channels.
- Rendering customer care when necessary.

What we are looking for:
1. Goal orientated. Ability to meet growth targets of the different communities.
2. Empathetic. Ability to relate and resolve the pain points of our community members when they arise.
3. Ability to multitask and work well under pressure.
4. Positive and dedicated team-player.
5. Fluent in social media and messaging platforms.

Campaign Executive
Job Scope:
- An integral member of the brainstorming process for all client campaigns.
- Executing projects/campaigns on behalf of corporate clients.
- Communicating and liaising with clients.
- Providing reporting to the sales team and their respective clients, based on KPIs set aside for each campaign.

What we are looking for:
1. Deadline driven, meticulous individual.
2. Multitasker. Ability to execute multiple concurrent campaigns.
3. Strong oral and written skills. Able to craft and present proposals to internal and external clients.
4. Experience communicating with clients.
5. Positive and dedicated team-player.
6. Fluent in social media and messaging platforms as well as Facebook and Google Ads.


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