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Seminar: Pregnancy, Delivery, Understanding Baby's Cries & Nurturing A Smart Baby

Nothing is as daunting as having a CRYING NEWBORN & worrying about his/her future! Like most first timers on the parenting scene, you would want to learn how to nurture a smarter baby from pregnancy and handle a crying baby during the 1st 1,000 days!

Don't be another struggling parent! Join us in the ONLY Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Singapore Seminar for 2018 & empower yourself with MUST-HAVE insights to help you raise a healthy baby & experience a happy pregnancy

Date: 21 April 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 12pm - 5.30pm (Registration Starts At 12pm)

Venue: Max Atria Conference Hall, Peridot Room 201-202



  • Is there anything you can do to make your babies smarter?

  • Learn how you can stimulate brain development through hearing.

  • Breastfeeding with success: Understanding your baby's cries through Dunstan Baby Language

  • Find out how you can discern your babie's cries

  • C-Section is becoming an increasingly popular method of delivery among parents these days.

  • Learn everything you need to know about C-section.


  • Fibroids can cause either absolutely no problems at all or may cause a woman to end up being womb-less or to undergo a major surgery.

  • Find out what are the 10 things you HAVE to know about fibroids & pregnancy.

  • Learn all about: Risks & benefits of various techniques, The Bradley & Leboyer Methods

  • Techniques that involve both parents, ways to relax & enjoy the experience!

  • Studies have shown that cord blood has proven to treat more than 80 diseases but is it really necessary to store your Baby's Umbilical Cord?

  • Learn to separate the hype from the facts so that you can decide what's ultimately right for you.


  • Many women face health issues during their pregnancy & even after birth as they don't know how to nourish themselves.

  • Find out what to eat & what not to eat!

  • Becoming a parent is a major milestone. Find out how you can be prepared for the incredible demands of parenthood!





***Please note that goodie bags will only be presented to those who attend & complete the seminar. Strictly 1 per expectant mom only and no redemption of goodie bags is allowed after 21 April 2018.





Date: 21 April 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 12.00pm - 5.30pm (Please arrive at 12.00pm for registration)

Venue: Max Atria Conference Hall, Peridot Room 201-202


EARLY BIRD SPECIALS (Less Than 50 Left!)

Usual Rate

  • Single: $15
  • Couple: $20


Promo Rates (while stocks last)

  • Single Ticket: $8
  • Couple Ticket: $10



1) Your FREE Goodie Bag Worth $100 + $5 SuperMom Voucher per expectant mom!

2) EXCLUSIVE EVENT DISCOUNT off premium Pregnancy, Maternal and Baby Products/Services from our participating partners.



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