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SuperMom Pregnancy, Birth and BabyCare Seminar

30 September 2017 Pregnancy Seminar saw about 200 participants join us for an afternoon of learning at Max Atria, Expo.
This seminar was THE FIRST where we conducted a live polling session to answer participant questions. One of the highlights of the seminar saw participants breaking into smaller groups for the step-by-step guide to massage baby safely.

Attendees also received goodies worth $100 and a lucky winner walked away with a Spa Esprit package worth $450 in the lucky draw!!!

We hope that participants found the topics on Newborn Rashes & Skin Conditions, What To Expect If You Have Fibroids Or Ovarian Cysts During Pregnancy, The ABCs of Pregnancy Nutrition For A Healthy Baby, Relaxation & Preparation Exercises For Labour & Childbirth useful and will embrace it during their pregnancy journey.

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