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Best Babylove Cot Package


In a few months time, you and your husband will be welcoming the latest addition to your family! For the both of you, it is the most exciting time of your lives, and you just got to get it right. When it comes to decorating the baby’s room, you need to buy everything that would make the baby happy and comfortable. And of course, the centrepiece; the basic baby cot package that comprises of 3 main components: 1) Baby Cot, 2) Baby Cot Bedding Set and 3) Baby Cot Mattress - has to be perfect! You need to ensure that the price you are paying is worth the value and is of top quality! But choosing the ideal basic baby cot package is a decision that can prove to be pretty difficult. With so many basic baby cots packages available in the market, how can you choose the right one?


Now, choosing a baby cot requires careful decision-making. After all, the cot will be your baby’s most familiar environment in his/her first months, and you want to ensure that this environment if void of toxic chemicals often used in cheaper cots. There are so many factors that should be avoided at all costs - toxic paint, cheap brittle wood that is prone to breakage and so much more!

That is why, I highly recommend the BabyLove Cot! Unlike most cots that use finger joint rubber wood, particle board (chipboard), MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard, pine wood (which spells lower grade wood), BabyLove uses Solid Meranti Wood. It is a higher grade of wood which is very durable and able to take the weight of up to 50kg.

The BabyLove smaller baby cot, Model: 840 & 818, has a standard internal measurement of 24” x 48”. It has a 2-handed mechanism drop side, which is highly convenient for taking your baby in and out of the cot. With its easy 4 castor whelming design with stopper, pushing the cot from your baby’s room to your room couldn’t be any easier! Both sides of the cot come with teething rails for the little biters, which is safe as it comes with non-toxic finishing. BabyLove cot comes with 3 levels of adjustable mattress base that can adapt to the growth of your baby. It is suitable for babies up to 3 years of age. Most importantly, BabyLove cots conform to UK and European Safety standards - this superior quality equates to the best safety and well-being of your baby.

The BabyLove bigger baby cot, Model: 885, has a standard internal measurement of 28” x 52”. This is a 4-in-1 Convertible Cot that can be transformed into a Baby Cot, Playpen, Sofa Bed and Junior Bed with Bed Guard. It is suitable from birth up to approximately 5 years old. The key special features are:

● One-hand mechanism drop side

● 4 castor wheels with stopper

● 2 sides teething rail for little biters

● 3 adjustable mattress base height

● Non-toxic finishing

● Conforms to UK and European Safety standards.


Most of the baby cot packages in the market comes with a free bedding set that is usually 4 in 1, 5 in 1 or 6 in 1, in 100% cotton or some with a combination of cotton and polyester which is typically of a lower price. BabyLove provides a premium grade 100% cotton 7 in 1 bedding set, which comprises of:

● 2 x Full Bumpers

● 1 x Fitted Sheet

● 1 x Comforter

● 1 x Pillow

● 2 x Bolsters

WORTH $169!!!

You are allowed to choose 1 out of 13 fabric designs to match the colour of the baby cot you have chosen. Nice dressing can make a huge difference to the overall look of the baby cot!


Most of the baby cot packages in the market comes with a free mattress that is usually made of foam. Foam has proven to be extremely warm and uncomfortable, resulting in your baby feeling very hot and sweating. However, the basic BabyLove Cot Package comes with a free 100% high quality pure coconut fibre mattress (with 5 years warranty). The smaller baby cot mattress (24” x 28”) and the bigger baby cot mattress (28” x 52”) are worth $169 and $199 respectively.

You can be rest assured that only the highest and purest quality (Grade A) coconut fibre is used. This provides the ultimate cool and comfort that your baby needs for many nights of good sleep. Furthermore, mattresses made of coconut fibre is slightly firmer than other commercial brands of mattress, which has been proven to be excellent for your baby’s back! Now, when your baby sleeps well, so can you! More zzzzz time!!!


For all BabyLove Cot Packages, complimentary delivery and installation will be provided.

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4) 3 in 1 Baby Bath Combo @ $69 (Usual $103.70)

● Bathtub

● Bathtub Stand

● Bath Support

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