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Fashion Tips for the Modern Pregnant Mum


Being pregnant is such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? With a baby growing inside of you, thinking about how much more exciting life is going to be with a new addition to the family, even looking at your growing baby bump gives you butterflies! But wait! With that round and protruding tummy of mine, is it possible to ever be fashionable again?? Am I supposed to wear the frumpy hand-me-down maternity dresses I got?

Lucky for us, we are living in a world where it is indeed possible to look modern, cool and sexy, even when we are 6 months pregnant! Many maternity wear brands are now offering clothes to compliment the pregnant body! Think skinny jeans, off-shoulder tops and pretty dresses. Yes! You can wear all these without giving up comfort.

Simply follow these 4 simple fashion rules:

Add colours to your life!

You don’t have to look boring and dowdy now that you are pregnant. Go beyond the usual blacks and browns by just adding some splash of colour in your new wardrobe. You’ll definitely feel happier when you see yourself in that yellow dress or red blouse! Simply make sure that you choose the right colour that matches your cool or warm skin tone and you’re good to go.

If you are afraid of too much colour, just throw on a blue scarf or a red cardigan over your black dress! Trust me, you’ll feel the difference!!


Make your everyday outfit pop with the right accessory! Think about the big chunky necklace, or the pearl earrings, or that pretty floral scarf. And if your office allows it, throw on some open-toe sandals to show off that manicure you just had! Plus, it’ll be a lot more comfortable now that you probably have swollen preggy feet. Being pregnant doesn’t give you any excuse to be drab, it’s your chance to be fab!

Choose an outfit that fits you

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to pick out that XXL blouse. You may think that reaching out for an oversized top would help you look smaller, but it just isn’t so!

Instead, look out for outfits that help to slim down your silhouette and emphasise the feature that aren’t expanding with snug tops, button-down shirts and skinny tights (yes, you can still wear them!).

Don’t be afraid to show some skin!

Now is the time where you notice your boobs getting bigger, even without the padded bra. Take advantage of this moment to flaunt your new curves, by wearing scoop-neck blouses or V-neck tops!

There you have it, 4 simple tips to help you dress the baby bump, while looking chic and stylish! Maternity is a supposed to be a great time. Don’t let the bump wear you down and start finding the fun in dressing up!