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Pregnancy Fears and Cord Blood Banking


Most women, if not all, will go through the path of having to decide whether to get pregnant or not. And even if they’ve already decided, there would be other fears that they face; fear of the process of giving birth, health of both baby and mummy, fear of the financial burden that comes with the addition of another mouth to feed.

The process of giving birth proves to be daunting for some. Should I go for a natural birth, or should I opt for a C-section birth? I, for one, was faced with that decision. I had wanted to give birth to my son the natural way, but circumstances changed and I had no choice but to opt for a C-section operation due to the position of my unborn baby. But thank God, my prayers were answered when my baby came out, healthy as can be.

Whether you choose to go for natural Birth or C-section, with the medical advancement of science and technology, us women have nothing to fear.

I also had thoughts about how to cope with the financial predicament my husband and I would face once the baby came out. Now that we have 3 mouths to feed, would we be able to continue enjoying the same lifestyle that we’ve been so used to? Would I have to cut back on certain expenses?

How about my baby’s care? Who was going to look after the baby? Should we engage external help? Or should I just quit my job and be a full-time mum whilst having to cut back on spending? So many worries…

Finally, we decided to engage external help, with my maid doing the chores and my parents looking after our son. But after a year, we decided to be entirely hands-on. I quit my job to become a full-time mum. We made our choices and made adjustments to our lifestyle as we moved along. In conclusion, there really isn’t any ‘model’ answer to any of our problems. We just have to adapt to our changing environment as we progress.

However, perhaps the most important decision of all, was how to protect our baby’s health. We were introduced to cord blood banking, which would assure protection to my baby should anything happen to him down the road, and of course, how could we say no? It’s my boy’s life we’re talking about. And just what is cord life banking?

Cord blood, also known as placental blood, is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and placenta following the birth of a baby and the umbilical cord is cut off after delivery. Through the science of cord blood banking, cord blood has been proven to help nurture life, long after a baby’s birth.

In fact, studies have shown that cord blood has proven to treat more than 80 diseases today! It is estimated that 1-in-3 people benefits from regenerative medicine therapy, which includes cerebral palsy and autism, and such treatments require the patient’s own cord blood. Thinking way ahead and planning for your baby about cord life banking, may be the best gift you could ever give to your child.