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SuperMom Pregnancy INSIGHTS (Seminars)

101 to Raising Happy & Well-Behaved Babies

Raising happy and well-behaved babies might be difficult for new parents. However, during this seminar, parents were taught about issues such common illnesses in childhood, eating habits of children as well as optimizing their child’s learning potential by medical experts. We hope that these parents are able to apply this knowledge for their children. 

Baby’s First Year

Experienced medical staff shared valuable insights to a baby’s first year. New parents learnt about tips to secure their child’s future and also to protect New-borns from common illnesses and cultivating good sleeping patterns for them so that each baby’s first year will be a good and smooth process.

Birth Without Fear

This seminar catered to new and soon- to-be parents to guide them into having a safe delivery. Parents learnt a lot about important information that would aid in their understanding towards their new journey. The seminars included healthy dietary restrictions for a mom-to-be, C- Section and even the benefits of cord blood banking.