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SuperMom Pregnancy Seminar!

The EVER popular SuperMom Pregnancy Seminar - Pregnancy, Delivery & Raising A Smart Baby was a success! We hope that all attendees had an insightful session & learnt more on how you can have the a healthy pregnancy journey, & raise a smart baby.

Attendees also received goodies worth $105 and 4 lucky winners walked away with prizes worth up to $800 in the lucky draw!!!

We hope that participants found the topics on Understanding Your Baby's Cries, Evaluating Your Delivery & Labour Options, Raising A Smart Baby Through Hearing, 10 Things To Know About Fibroids & Pregnancy, Importance Of The Right Nutrition During Pregnancy, Hope & Scope of Cord Blood Banking, & Lastly, Understanding the ABCs of C-Section useful and will embrace it during their pregnancy journey.

We also gave away a Premium Goodie Bag with lots of freebies and samples worth $105 to each couple attending.

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