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Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy - Childbirth & Babycare With No Fear

Filled with must-have information, insights & tips for a new generation of moms & dads, our seminar helped close to 400 mummies and daddies understand their body through the various pregnancy stages, making decisions on birthing practices and even what they should eat (and should don’t eat!). We hope that our seminar has helped all parents through this incredible pregnancy journey and to embrace childbirth and baby care without fear.

We also gave out over $100 worth of freebies and samples to each couple attending & several lucky couples even walked away with prizes worth up to $400!!

Topics covered include:

Importance of Nutrition During Pregnancy - Pregnancy Backaches and Body Pains - Labor Options & Preparing Your Birth Plan - Understanding How Your Baby Develops in the Womb - Breastfeeding Without Woes